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Marine Band Reed Chart - High-Resolution PDF download only


This is the DOWNLOAD version of these charts.

Here's a chart of Marine Band reeds organised by slot dimension.

It's also a table of all of the notes of Standard Richter tuning in every key with the octaves displayed.

See this page about how to use these charts.

Color version:

Price: CAD$5.00

Quick Customizing Videos for the diatonic harmonica player


Regular price CAD$54.00

Because of the Covid19 pandemic, I am releasing this at half price for the duration of this pandemic in hopes that it can help you bring the best out of your instruments and allow you to become self-reliant in keeping your harps in top shape.

These videos are available as a 650 Meg download from this site or as or a USB drive from my USA dealer Rockin Ron's.

Price: CAD$27.00

Send me a harmonica you have worked on for assessment


"I don't know what I don't know!"

Send me a harmonica you have worked on for assessment. I can give you pointers and an action plan on how to get your results to the next level.

You can't find a problem unless you know where to look. I will give your instrument an objective 30-point assessment and tell you where to focus your efforts and improve your trouble areas.

Price: CAD$33.00
Using my videos provides us with common references which makes feedback much easier.

Andrew's videos on USB


"...better than Netflix and solved a lot of harp issues for me!"- EMC

Update #3 is included in the current release!

Version 3 includes over 9 hours worth of videos of which 2 hours and 30 minutes are Premium videos. Premium videos go into unprecedented details and show you topics that have never been shown before.

Learn to repair, upgrade or customize your own harmonicas to make each one of them a high-quality instrument.

A well-playing harmonica is a joy to play.

Price: CAD$71.25
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