Marine Band opener (1896 - with nails)

About 99 per cent of harp players own at least one Marine Band 1896 harmonica - the old school type held together with nails. The nails don't have to get in the way of working on the harp.

You can take the plates off the comb and put them back on using the original nails. It's maybe a little extra work but the harp will perform just fine.

Here's a description of how to create a "Marine Band Opener" to crack open a Marine Band 1896 to work on it (customize, flatten reed plates, reed curvature, tuning, embossing, etc...)

The 1896 features the exact same reeds as the Deluxe, Crossover, Golden Melody, Special 20 and Hohner Rocket - it packs a lot of potential!

You can either covert the harp to screws or close it right up again using the original nails - Old School style.