Promo Pack

I often get asked "Will a custom harmonica make me a better player?"

That's not really a fair question. It depends. A well-playing harmonica will help you succeed.

"Always play on the best instrument you can afford. Good instruments DO make a difference." - Jamey Aebersold

I have the profound belief that the best strategy to become a better player is to find a great teacher.

I'm proud to support as many harmonica teaching events as I can. I've come up with a promotional pack that I will be offering to some upcoming harmonica workshops.

The pack contains a few small tools and parts, some key label stickers and some helpful documentation on harmonica upgrades and repair.

I've chosen these items because every player will make use of them regardless of level or playing style.

These packs are not available for sale. The only way you can get one of these is to participate in a sponsored harmonica workshop or event.