Bulk purchase of five, ten or fifteen combs


I offer a significant discount for a bulk purchase of a set of five or ten combs. Combs are of the same model, random color.

Five combs: CAD$189.00. Regular price for five combs is CAD$225.

Ten combs: CAD$359.00. Regular price for ten combs is CAD$450.00.

Fifteen combs: CAD$525.00. Regular price for fifteen combs is CAD$675.00.

Price: CAD$189.00
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Other models including Marine Band 364, 365, pre-MS Meisterklasse, Seydel Big Six, Easttop 008


Made to order.

Models currently available for immediate production include:

Original Hohner Meisterklasse (pre-MS)

Marine Band 365 (Convert to screws)

Marine Band 364 (Convert to screws)

Price: CAD$49.00

Lee Oskar


Fits Lee Oskar harmonicas.

Price: CAD$45.00



Fits the following harps:
Suzuki Manji, Promaster, Suzuki Olive.

Also fits
- Dabell Contender
- Dabell Noble
- Suzuki HarpMaster, BluesMaster (*)
- Bushman Delta Frost(*)

The stock Manji comb is slightly smaller than the reed plates. My comb is a hair bigger than the plates so that the harp is more comfortable to hold.

Price: CAD$45.00

Seydel 1847


Fits Seydel 1847, SOLIST PRO and FAVORITE

More information and instructions for installing my combs are found on the Combs page.

Price: CAD$45.00

Hohner MS series


Fits the following harps:
Big River, Blues Harp, Crossharp, Proharp, MeisterKlasse.

Please note, Hohner assimilated a few harps into the MS line over the years:

Price: CAD$45.00

Golden Melody


Fits Hohner Golden Melody classic harmonicas. This is not meant for the Progressive type which has a different design.

More information and instructions for installing my combs are found on the Combs page.

Price: CAD$46.00

Special 20/ Rocket


Fits Hohner Special 20 and Rocket harmonicas.

Note: For best overall performance, don't change the comb of a Special 20 or Rocket harmonica. I recommend using the stock ABS comb and work to get better performance by using The Reed Plate Claws™ to straighten reed plates. I only offer Special 20 and Rocket combs because some hobbyists like to experiment with the tonal qualities of switching from an ABS "recessed" comb to a solid surface "sandwich-type" comb.

Price: CAD$45.00

Marine Band


Fits the following harps:

Marine Band Deluxe, Marine Band Crossover and Thunderbird. Also suits Marine Band 1896 harmonicas if you want to change the nails to screws. This includes:
- Marine Band 1896 (1950s to current *).
- Pre-war Marine Bands, including "mouse ear".
- Pre-MS Blues Harps
- Wooden-combed Old Standy.
- Pre-MS Meisterklasse

Price: CAD$45.00
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