Basic Kit with Grobet file


These are the tools you need to keep your harmonicas sounding great and playing well. You may also use these tools to correct factory defects to make your instruments more powerful and play more smoothly.

This kit features a high-quality Grobet file for tuning.

Add the Embossing tool and the Reed Replacement kit to have a comprehensive, professional grade set of harmonica service and repair tools. See bundle options below.


Brass reed tool
Dual Reed wrench
Reed support tool with tail
18g Hockey Stick
Grobet file
Compact Reed Plate Claws™
Shim Stock
Assortment of stainless steel screws. These are replacement screws for any popular model of diatonic harmonica.

-Reed Replacement kit. Replace blown-out reeds like you change strings on a guitar.
-Embossing Tool Increase the efficiency of the reed as it goes through the slot.

Items you will need (not included but easily found at a hardware store):

- small screwdriver


This kit provides what you need to work on harps anywhere.

Use this kit to:
-Adjust reed shape and gap
-Fix tuning troubles without having to take apart your harp!
-Fix Reed Centering
-Replace lost screws
-Correct the most common manufacturer defect and give your harmonicas more power.

- Replace "blown" (dead) reeds with the Reed Replacement kit
- Emboss the slots to increase efficiency


These tools are hand-made from solid brass and tempered high-carbon steel. Use these tools on all types of reeds (including Brass, Phosphor Bronze and Stainless Steel reeds).

They are shipped promptly.

Email support is provided with the purchase of these tools. Within the first 90 days of purchase, I will answer any question about using the tools, just email me your questions.

SKU: TK-Grobet
Price: CAD$81.00