I had been facing a challenge when it comes to the tips of my tines. I use products that are environmentally sound, safe to put in your mouth, comfortable, durable and beautiful. Recently, I have had to change my recipe and method due to factors outside my control. This was really bad timing for me.

You may notice that combs you have bought in the past few months have had slight variations in the appearance of the tips of the tines as I was forced to try new products on-the-fly.

I now have found a wonderful new recipe and method to finish the tips of the tines of my Dark Combs.

As with all my products that are hand made, I make them to order. I have high standards when it comes to my combs' flatness. I triple check the flatness before they leave my workshop.

They are all durable, comfortable and beautiful. As a handmade product, they are subject to slight cosmetic variations. These are not products that are mass produced by a machine.

The cosmetic variations are due to the effects of being made by human hands. I am not a robot.

To me, that's part of the charm of an artisan product.